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The Power of Hugs

A recent study by Medscape showed that nurses like to hug more than any other profession–and patients love receiving those hugs.

For some patients, it is the only time they get touched, so it’s a welcome moment when they’re feeling sick or down hearted.

The power of hugs - nurses hugging a patient.Patients often present their inner child to a health care provider, and allow their vulnerabilities to be exposed. Nurses are entrusted with that powerful gift, as though they are a loving parent, to care for and nurture their patients.

It is a natural response for a parent to hug a sick or sad child, and to tend to body and soul wounds. In the grown-up world, nurses are those healers of the adult war wounds of life, and so it is only natural that we hug and get hugged back.

“Sometimes a hug is the only thing to say”.

By Colleen Scanlan RN BScN RAc