Providing Excellence in Nursing Care

Health Services

Our nurses are very talented and provide our community with many healthcare opportunities. From Occupational Health Training, Foot Care, Acupuncture Treatments, and N95 Mask Fit Testing, our nurses are at the forefront of nursing.

Debra Young of Footcare Extrodinaire, offers mobile and spa chair foot care services

Nurse Cathy offers a Cardiovascular Health Clinic to ensure you know your numbers and monitor your risk factors

Nurse Colleen operates a Pain Management Clinic.

Nurse Colleen and Nurse Cathy both offer N95 Mask Fit testing. Call to book your appointment today! 705-303-8333

Nurse Colleen Scanlan operates a Pain Management Clinic

We offer N95 Mask Fit Training for individuals and groups. Call us at 705-303-8333 or email us at to book your appointment today!