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Do you want to be a Millionaire?

Do you want to be in a millionaire? In America, 1 in 160 people feel the comfort of that cash and 99% of those millionaires achieved it through hard work. Some by developing their own businesses and others by being dedicated to a position and thus are rewarded with a handsome pension. This requires dedication to the business or work and often time and energy away from family and friends.

But, do you need a million dollars to achieve financial well being? When basic needs like food, comfortable shelter, safety and loving relationships are met the only added benefit of having a lot of money is you don’t need to budget. Once you can meet your basic needs the extra money you earn may add some prestige and relaxed financial behaviour but studies have shown money does not create happiness.

Our “more stuff “culture is a bit of an illusion. The amount of money you earn and the amount of stuff you have will not determine the amount of meaningful happiness you attain in life. Our marketing culture is always telling us we need – this or that – but in reality, that is not necessarily the case. Be careful what you wish for. If your basic needs are being met, a good budget may be all you need to create happiness and well being in your life. Take the time to plan a budget, it is worth a million dollars in time, energy and relationships.